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Knowlton Township is supposed to have gotten its name from
the large amount of knolls and hills within its borders. It was
set off from Oxford Township in 1764, and originally included
Blairstown Township which was taken away from it in 1845. It
also contained part of Hope Township, which was formed in 1839. All of these townships were once part of Sussex County. In 1824 Sussex County was divided into two parts. The southern part was called Warren County, Knowlton is part of Warren County.
     The surface of the land is very uneven, being covered by a
large number of small hills, or knolls, some of which are
limestone knobs. The Blue Mountain forms the north border,
between this township and Pahaquarry, and the northwest corner of this township lies in the celebrated Delaware Water Gap. The principal streams are the Paulinskill, which crosses the township northeast to southwest and empties into the Delaware a short distance below Columbia village; Yard's Creek, which empties into Paulinskill at Hainesburg; and Shawpocussing and Centerville Creeks, which flow south westerly into the Delaware River.
     Knowlton Township is bordered on the northeast by
Blairstown, southeast by Hope and Oxford, southwest by the
Delaware River, and the northwest by Pahaquarry Township. It
covers an area of 25.13 square miles, or 16,083 acres of land .
     Most of the pioneers of what is now Knowlton Township were Germans by birth, and education. They brought with them the customs that were then prevalent in their "fatherland". Honest industry was one of the virtues of these pioneer Germans. Their love of freedom brought them to this land of free speech, and freedom of worship.


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