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Kill Mills

In 1807 the Knowlton Mills Post Office marked the village that was once known as Warrington . Over the years the name was changed to Kill Mills (1865), Warrenton, Warrington, and even Fleatown in 1877. By 1881 the town had a grist mill, a tavern, a slate works, a store and a railroad depot of the Blairstown Railway. At one time a Mr. E. Frothingham from Scranton purchased 80 acres of land in Warrington from John Titman. It was supposed to be made into a summer resort. This project never came to be. All of this industry has disappeared, leaving a quiet community of private homes.
There is a lake in Knowlton Township, near Warrington, called Delaware Lake , or more often Halsey Lake . It was built in the 1920's by Mr. Edmund Halsey. He was an engineer, and a surveyor. The lake was formed by flooding a swampy area. For many years a lone tree could be seen growing in the center of the lake, it is now gone.